Aviation Working Group

Gratulerer til vår advokat og partner Roar Cordes Nilsson som etter anbefaling er blitt invitert som medlem i Nordic Contact Group til Aviation Working Group. Gruppen består av nordisk juridisk ekspertise innenfor luftfartsområdet og arbeider med implementering av Cape Town Konvensjonen og tilhørende protokoll for luftfartøy.


AWG uttrykker gruppens arbeid på følgende måte:


1.            The Aviation Working Group ( ) is a not-for-profit legal entity comprised of major aircraft manufacturers, financiers and lessors that contribute to the policies, laws and regulations concerning aircraft leasing and financing throughout the world.


2.            AWG was a driving force behind the development of the Cape Town Convention and its Aircraft Protocol (CTC), and, in addition to promoting further ratifications, now works globally on all aspects of CTC implementation and compliance with its terms.


3.            A main element of that work is to establish national contact groups in key contracting states to the CTC, where legal experts can (i) share experience under and thoughts relating to CTC in practice, (ii) share those thoughts with AWG, especially on implementation of and the compliance with the treaty, and (iii) interact, through a coordinator and/or other liaison, with the AWG legal advisory panel (which works in concert with AWG), thus providing a two-way flow CTC information.