Advokatfirmaet Mageli ANS

Mageli Lawfirm ANS

Mageli's broad range of legal services includes the following: corporate, dispute resolution,  real estate, banking and finance, trade, industry, energy and natural resources. We aim to provide our customers within the private and public sector with the best and efficient strategic advice with regard to private and public law, negotiations and litigation.

Mageli's lawyers have different backgrounds and expertise. Jointly we have a broad field of expertise, and as a team we are ready to provide our customers with professional and skilled advice.


Our attorneys and other staff maintain high ethical standards, both in the exercise of the profession and in their general behaviour.


Advokatfirmaet Mageli ANS is qualified in Sellihca which is a Nordic Utility Qualification System and Vendor Database - a unique collaboration between utilities in the Nordic countries. The participating utilities use the system to provide information and to select suppliers when buying goods, services and works.