Energy law

For a number of years, Mageli law firm has focused on developing advisory and litigation expertise in the energy sector. The subject area includes water law, the production and distribution of electrical energy, renewable energy and development of wind power. 


Our energy law lawyers have considerable expertise in power development, water, wind and district heating and the distribution of electrical energy. In this area, our lawyers have worked on rights agreements, initiation and implementation of development processes, construction and contract follow-up.
In the energy law area, our lawyers have considerable expertise in advice related to the electricity area, including network regulation and other framework conditions. The energy sector is facing major change processes and digitization is a topical issue. The Mageli law firm has assisted a number of power companies in the acquisition of AMS systems and in other change processes.
Common to the technological change processes in the energy industry is that these most often bring with them the need for organisational changes in the companies, and the Mageli law firm has expertise in this.
We also offer privacy-related expertise as this is absolutely crucial to assess the legality of implementing all the possibilities that lie in a fully digitized system for end customers. This includes collecting, storing and using person-sensitive information and third-party access to data and measuring systems.
Privacy law expertise is also useful in the preparation of tender competitions for the acquisition of ICT deliveries.
The Mageli law firm has a considerable volume of assignments related to legal relationships for real estate and land acquisition. In this area, the company has considerable expertise, especially in the establishment and operation of power plants and other infrastructure in the energy industry. This expertise includes, among other things, land acquisition, expropriation, exchange of property, easements and a number of problems related to neighbour law.  


In the renewable area, the Mageli law firm has assisted several companies in connection with the development and operation of hydropower, district heating and wind power plants. The assignments have required expertise in a wide range of subject areas and many complex issues have been solved.
The development of district heating and wind power means that many players are involved in the process. This requires expertise in the management of state, regional and municipal bodies, as well as private stakeholders, landowners and various environmental and interest organizations.
Our lawyers in this field, with their background from the public sector and the law industry, have extensive experience and broad expertise in dealing with the challenges that can arise in such cases.
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