EU/EEA and competition law

 The Mageli law firm has broad experience with issues relating to competition and state support law. Our lawyers have carried out a number of investigations for various municipalities, county authorities and publicly owned companies, for example on whether the sale of property, support for events and the operation of municipal-owned enterprises constitutes a violation of the state aid rules. 
We also assist in questions about whether public rulings and decisions are contrary to establishment law or other fundamental rights enshrined in the EEA Agreement.
The following are examples of EU/EEA legal advice we have assisted with: 
  • assessments of the legality of horizontal and vertical cooperation in various forms, including tender cooperation
  • questions about exchanging customer information with companies in/outside the group
  • the legal use of customer databases
  • notifications to the Competition Authority in connection with the sale of businesses and other forms of change of ownership
  • assessments of provisions on anti-competition related to transactions, sales agreements and distribution agreements
  • the legality of support for events, establishment of businesses and direct and indirect support for the operation of, for example, gyms, museums, adventure centres and sports facilities, as well as advice on measures and follow-up in accordance with the regulations
  • assessments of organizational models and distinguishing between commercial and non-commercial activities within the same company
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