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Child welfare


The Mageli law firm has many years of broad experience in handling child welfare cases. This applies in particular to the question of transferring the care of children, enforced placement of young people in institutions and assistance in cases where the child welfare service has taken urgent decisions. We assist both public and private parties in child welfare cases. The subject area requires good legal expertise and insight into child welfare issues. 


The bulk of the assistance to municipalities and private parties applies either to cases where the municipality makes urgent decisions and moves children or adolescents, or matters that the child welfare service submits to the county council board for a decision. This will often be cases where the municipality believes the parents are unable to give the child proper care, but also cases where young people with serious behavioural problems need examination and treatment in an institution.
A significant proportion of the decisions made by the county council board are appealed to the court. The court must then re-examine the case and pass judgement.
For assistance to the municipality, the follow-up will most often include:
  • Discussion with the child welfare service with a review of the case documents
  • Drawing up case presentations to the county council board, and if applicable a summons to the court
  • Conducting the case for the county council board, possibly before the court 
For assistance to a private party in a case brought before the county council board, the central issue will be to consider the legal basis for the enforcement. As a part of this, the facts in the case that the municipality uses as its basis must be reviewed together with the private party and others who can shed light on the situation. The incorrect presentation of the case will be established when the case is under consideration.
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Ada Cathrine Høst Mytting
Ada Cathrine Høst Mytting
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