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Our employment law lawyers have extensive experience in assisting in matters relating to employment law.

Employment law is often divided into the individual and collective parts. The individual part of employment law regulates the relationship between employees and employers in connection with working conditions. The collective part of employment law deals with collective agreements and the employee and employer organizations. Our employment law lawyers have the competence to assist in cases within the various parts of employment law.
We assist parties from both private and public enterprises.

Employee and employer have a number of rights and obligations in a working relationship. Several of these rights and obligations follow from law or a collective agreement that the business is bound to, but individual rights are often agreed in the individual employee's employment contract. It is therefore important to make a concrete assessment in order to find out what the individual employer is obliged to do, and if applicable what the individual employee is entitled to.
There are also important rules that employees and employers cannot disregard. In principle, it is not permitted to deviate from, among other things, the Working Environment Act and the Holidays Act to the detriment of the employee, unless it is specifically stated in the law that this is permitted.  
The employment law lawyers at Mageli law firm can assist with the challenges that can arise in connection with individual working conditions.
 We have extensive experience in assisting with issues related to:
- Recruitment of employees
- Restructuring, downsizing and business transfer
- Working hours
- Overtime allowances
- Holiday leave
- Leave without pay
- Competition clauses
- Discrimination
- Control measures and privacy
We also have expertise in assisting businesses that wish to employ foreign workers. In this connection, we can assist with:
- Application for a residence permit
- Service contracts
- Contact with the Norwegian authorities, including the tax authorities




Our employment law lawyers have extensive experience in assisting employers and employees on issues of termination and resignation. In this connection we see that it can be important for many of our clients to get good advice early on in a potential dismissal or resignation case.
The Working Environment Act stipulates requirements for how a dismissal process is to be carried out and there are formal requirements for dismissal by the employer. Our employment law lawyers can assist with guidance on how a dismissal process should be carried out in order to fulfil the statutory requirements. Furthermore, we can also assist during the various parts of the process, for example at discussion meetings or negotiation meetings, as well as in drawing up final agreements or terminations.
Our employment law lawyers also have experience in assisting in connection with reorganization or downsizing processes.
Furthermore, our employment law lawyers conduct employment law cases before the courts.


We see that pensions are something that more and more employers and employees ask about. Our employment law lawyers have specialist expertise in advising on pensions. Furthermore, we see that the two disciplines, pension and employment law, often cross each other, and it is advantageous to have knowledge about pensions when working with employment law.

Our employment law lawyers also cooperate with the company's other lawyers if this would be the best for the client. This could, for example, be due to business transfers or due diligence, where there may be a need for employment law and company law assistance.
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