Family, inheritance and probate

Family law, inheritance law and probate has become a complex area of ​​law that has evolved in line with the social changes in society. We have a greater need for personal solutions that take into account the changes we see in traditional circumstances. This applies to both family patterns and compound assets both home and abroad.

The Mageli law firm offers advice in this field based on broad expertise and experience. Family law, inheritance law and probate are also an area where we often experience parties who are in demanding conflicts and where court proceedings for specific issues are absolutely necessary. We believe that it is important to have a great focus on reducing conflict in this process. These cases should only deal with unresolved issues of an actual or legal nature.
In most cases, separation will also affect common children. In such cases, questions may arise that can be difficult to handle in a vulnerable situation. Our lawyers have extensive experience in childcare issues and extensive experience in mediation in this type of case. In some cases, the child welfare service is also linked to cases concerning families and there may be a need for guidance and support in a very demanding process. The Mageli law firm has lawyers who have worked with child welfare for a long time, both by assisting private parties but also a number of municipalities as an external lawyer for the child welfare service. We have extensive procedural experience from both county council boards and the courts.
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