Property and construction

The Mageli law firm has particularly renowned expertise in real estate. For many years the firm has  assisted large public developers such as the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Bane NOR when they acquire rights in connection with development projects. The Mageli law firm also assists on the landowner side in all issues related to real estate, and has for many years developed unique industry knowledge of real estate management.

The lawyers at Mageli have broad experience in assisting public and private clients in the commercial development of real estate. Our lawyers assist in all phases of the development process, from financing and acquisition of real estate, through regulation and management aspects of a development project to the implementation and conclusion of building and construction projects. When the property development is complete, we assist in connection with the alienation or rental of the property.
A successful development project requires good interdisciplinary planning. Official legal framework conditions, tax issues, financing conditions and construction models must be clarified. Our lawyers are specialists in each field and assist clients in carefully composed teams who can see the big picture of a development project.
Our location in three different office sites gives us unique insight into the real estate market in central Eastern Norway.
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