Public sector

The public sector is important to the Mageli law firm. Many of our lawyers have backgrounds from the Office of the Attorney General, government ministries, the Parliamentary Ombudsman and municipal activities, and a large proportion of our business is for the public sector.

We have extensive experience with providing assistance to public clients in most areas of law that are affected by public activities. We are therefore well acquainted with the regulations that public actors must relate to and how various considerations, including political processes, must be taken care of in the advice to our public clients whether the matter concerns ordinary administrative activities, the exercise of public ownership or in matters of a more commercial nature.
We currently have framework agreements with ten municipalities in Eastern Norway. Our assistance covers the majority of disciplines with which public actors have to deal, including administrative law, planning and building law, water and sewerage laws, procurement law, cases related to state aid and child welfare to mention just a few. In addition, we assist the public sector in matters relating to, among other things, real estate law, employment law, company law and construction law, as well as dispute resolution and litigation.
Furthermore, we have framework agreements with state infrastructure companies such as the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Statnett SF and Bane NOR SF. We provide legal advice to the infrastructure companies in connection with extensive development projects related to road, rail and power, in particular within real estate issues, land acquisition, expropriation and expert discretion. 
The Mageli law firm is committed to being an efficient, accessible and well-informed advisor to our clients in the public sector. 
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