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Industry, commerce, finance

Industry, commerce and finance is an area where regulations and framework conditions are constantly evolving, partly as a result of increased international competition and technological innovations. These are challenges that require legal advisers with cutting edge expertise. 

Mageli has broad experience and expertise with contract law issues related to all types of contracts within the industry areas. In addition, we offer advice based on good commercial understanding.
Our clients include both Norwegian and international companies within a number of disciplines. These include large industrial companies in the private and public sectors, where the company deals with issues related to aviation, transport, construction, infrastructure development and primary industries.
In the commerce area, Mageli assists with advice and if applicable dispute resolution, especially in areas such as employment law issues, company law, contract law, regulatory conditions, tax, privacy and public procurement. Within the finance area, Mageli assists private companies with, among other things, loan agreements, leasing agreements, guarantees and restructuring as well as ordinary advice and dispute resolution.
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Lise Marken Aasterud
Lise Marken Aasterud
Lawyer - partner