General agreement and contract law


The Mageli law firm has extensive experience within contract and agreement law, and assists in everything from the design of contract strategy, negotiation, quality assurance and renegotiation, to handling default and dispute resolution. 


A contract shall resolve conflicts that may arise in the relationship between two parties. Equally important is the function of the contract as a tool in the implementation of that contract. A good contract should contribute to good cooperation between the parties, and ensure that misunderstandings are avoided and that conflicts do not arise. In addition to legal competence, contract law also requires business understanding and a good ability to become familiar with the client's objectives.
Communication and understanding of the client's needs are therefore often important in designing good contracts. We have lawyers who are well trained to work closely with the client to ensure optimal solutions when designing contracts and solutions.
Good contract consultancy requires thorough knowledge of the subject area and the actual circumstances that the agreement is to regulate. Furthermore, in-depth knowledge of legislation and other regulations related to the individual subject area are required, for example, the Purchase Act, the Consumer Purchase Act, the Companies Act, the Energy Act, standardized industry agreements, etc.
Our lawyers largely have intersecting expertise in various subject areas, and this makes us particularly competent in work on different contracts.
Our lawyers assist with everything from minor contracts for buying and renting, to complex contracts for the execution of large projects in various industries. We have good knowledge of key standard agreements such as the SSA standards, ICT Norway and the Data Association's standard agreements, including PS 2000, NTK and NF, the Fidic contracts, as well as KOLEMO / KOLEMINI, AKB 88 and NLM.
We have extensive experience in preparing tailor-made contracts and adapting to standards.
Dispute resolution is a central part of our business, also within the area of ​​contract law. We assist in negotiations with counterparties and in disputes before the courts.  


  • Contracts for the purchase of goods, services and real estate
  • Standard terms for both public and private sellers/service providers in both regulated and unregulated business areas
  • Contracts based on standards and assessment of adjustments in relation to such contract standards
  • Contracts for the sale, purchase and development of software
  • Contracts for the sale and purchase of electromechanical equipment, including modification work
  • Leases for housing and business
  • Cooperation contracts and joint venture agreements
  • Operating agreements, for example for ICT systems and power plants.
  • Franchise agreements
  • Agreements on power management/portfolio management
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Transportation contracts
  • Cooperation and development agreements within telecom, related to the development, renting, ownership, and switching of transport routes and technologies
  • Contracts related to debt collection.
  • Loan agreements, including contracts for convertible loans and subordinated loans
  • Development contracts (RnD)
  • Contracts for auditing services and brokerage services
  • Intra-group agreements - including service purchase agreements
  • Contracts for construction assistance
  • License contracts
  • Sponsorship contracts
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