Hilde Martinsen


Hilde Martinsen has worked as a legal secretary in the company since 1989. Her duties include: the preparation of factual and legal excerpts, obtaining documents from public registers, arranging and proofreading process documents for dispatch to various judicial bodies, also via Aktørportalen, as well as a number of other administrative tasks. 



Employment Law
Inheritance and family
Banking and finance
Child welfare
Energy law
Building and construction law
Tort law
EU/EEA and competition law
Real estate
Public administrative law
General agreement and contract law
Intellectual property law
Bankruptcy and restructuring
Commercial real estate
Allodial law
Public procurement
Planning and building law
Litigation and dispute resolution
Company law and transactions
Tax law
Expert assessment and expropriation
Criminal law
Industry, commerce, finance
Family, inheritance and probate
Property and construction
Public sector
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