Kristian Jåtog Trygstad

Lawyer - partner

Lawyer Trygstad has specialist expertise in regulations for public procurement, general contract law, construction law and administrative law. He has been appointed a member of the Public Procurement Appeals Board, and he has several times been ranked among the country's best procurement lawyers in national and international awards. Trygstad assists both clients and suppliers in the implementation of public procurement, in project and contract follow-up, in dispute resolution and in other issues related to the above-mentioned areas of law.


2019 Partner, Mageli DA Law Firm
2017 - 2019 Partner, Føyen Torkildsen AS Law Firm
2016 - 2017 Head of Secretariat for the commission, appointed by Stortinget (the Parliament), that investigated the Scandinavian Star fire
2011 - 2016 Lawyer / Partner in ALT Law Firm
2007 - 2010 Lawyer in the Law Firm G-Partner AS
2007 - 2009 Secretary of the Law Committee for Public Inquiry Commissions
2006 - 2007 Secretary of the Investigation Committee for ICT Contracts in the Armed Forces (Dalseide I) and participant in the further investigation of the Armed Forces' procurement activities in the ICT area (Dalseide II)
2005 - 2007 Senior Adviser, Sivilombudsmannen (Parliamentary Commisioner)
2004 - 2005 Adviser in the secretariat of the Public Procurement Appeals Board
2003 - 2004 Research Assistant at the Department of Private Law, Faculty of Law (UiO)
2001 - 2006 Employee in the editorial office of Norsk Retstidende (Norwegian Law Journal)


2004 Cand. Jur


2015 Appointed member of the Public Procurement Appeals Board


2006 Allotment of public contracts, first edition, Gyldendal
2012 Practical legal source theory, fourth edition – together with Pål A. Bertnes and Halvor Kongshavn, Gyldendal 2012
2017 Allotment of public contracts, second edition, Gyldendal 2017
2008 Significant fines adopted for the obligation to reject in regulations on public procurement, included in Lov og Rett (Law and Justice) no. 5/6 2008
2008 Procurement rules that prevent financial crime, included in Juristkontakt no. 6/2008
2009 Is inquiry private investigation?, included in Kritisk Juss (Critical Law) no. 4/2009
2010 Banks' responsibility for gambling, together with Erling Grimstad, included in Kritisk Juss (Critical Law) no. 4/2010
2014 Duty to state reasons for selection of tenders, included in Logistikk & ledelse (Logistics & Management) no. 1/2014
2018 Will the money disappear in the points? published January 18, 2018 on
2018 Qualification requirements and ESPD, together with Vera Hovelsen, published August 31, 2018 on
2018 Special requirements for subcontractors in contracts with the public sector, together with Marit Lund Stensvåg, published August 31, 2018 at
2018 Challenges with Difi's new tool for tender evaluation, published on December 12, 2018 at
2018 Significance of the zoning plan for competitions for public contract assignments, together with Roar Lillebergen, published December 17, 2018 at


Norwegian, English



Employment Law
Inheritance and family
Banking and finance
Child welfare
Energy law
Building and construction law
Tort law
EU/EEA and competition law
Real estate
Public administrative law
General agreement and contract law
Intellectual property law
Bankruptcy and restructuring
Commercial real estate
Allodial law
Public procurement
Planning and building law
Litigation and dispute resolution
Company law and transactions
Tax law
Expert assessment and expropriation
Criminal law
Industry, commerce, finance
Family, inheritance and probate
Property and construction
Public sector
Entrepriserett, EU EØS og konkurranserett, Forvaltningsrett, Generell avtale og kontraktsrett, Offentlige anskaffelser, Plan og bygningsrett
Attorney Trygstad has several times been ranked among the country's best procurement lawyers in national and international awards.
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